Happy maps

Anders Lyon

My name is Anders Lyon. I am a Swedish illustrator, exhibition designer, architect and graphic artist.I offer a wide range of presentation opportunities to show your products or ideas. My mission is "To simplify clarify and inspire". One of my specialities is illustrated maps.

How I produce illustrated maps

Rough sketch

In accordance with clients wishes a (very) rough sketch is produced, to give an idea of the final illustration. At this stage we make sure that we make room for all important stuff. And the client gets confident in that all they find important and want to show will be properly visualized.

Detailed sketch

Once the rough sketh is approved, it is time to go into detail. All the important stuff will now be further emphasized. Did we forget something? Have more interesting things turned up? Now is the time to check, and make final adjustments.

Final artwork

After approval of the detailed sketch, the final artwork takes place. Fine tuning and colouring. There might be minor final adjustments at this stage.

The finished illustration Is delivered in propotions and file formats according to the clients wishes.